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Apr. 15th, 2012 | 11:13 am

Behind the cut - 2011-2012 activityCollapse )

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tentative arrival post - subject to edits.

Sep. 13th, 2011 | 02:39 pm

There's really no way Donna is okay with the things that just happened to her. For one - giant bug on her back. Which is small compared to meeting someone who tells you you're gonna have to die. Which is even smaller compared to actually doing it. The last thing she hears from Rose Tyler, two words, Bad Wolf seem like they were shouted rather than whispered. She has no idea what will even happen now. If she dies here, does that mean the whole world she lived in doesn't exist? Do her mum and granddad get to have different lives, better lives, all because of something she's done?

When she closes her eyes and realizes she has too many questions to have done this, too many things she should have really gotten some bloody firm answers on, it's too late. She is literally ceasing to exist and she can feel it.

Until she opens her eyes and sits straight up with a gasp. First thing she notices is no more incense. No more gypsy-voodoo-ancient art surroundings, and no more Planet Shan...Shen...Chen...whatever it was. There's cobblestone underneath her and she scrambles to her feet, pausing to listen for a second, trying to figure out if that thing is still on her back. She can't hear it, but then she spent her whole life not hearing it, or did she? Is this her life? Is this what happens when a person dies? They wake up confused?

"Where's the angels? The pearly gates? Sodding Saint Peter?" she calls out, angry that now she's dead and she's neither back where she thought she'd be or where she'd been told she'd go if she ate all her vegetables and minded her mum. That's all a trick, that is, now she knows it.

Walking with determination, she yells this time as she goes, angry and trying to hold on to the last memories she has.

"Oi! Spaceman! You better be here or I'm gonna be really unimpressed with heaven!"

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(no subject)

Sep. 12th, 2011 | 08:36 pm

Oi, leave a message.

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